About Us

So, you’ve stumbled across our website, and you have no idea who we are…

Well, we’re nobody special, really, in the grand scheme of things: we’re not famous, we aren’t experts in anything, we haven’t broken any records, we haven’t produced any notable works of art or literature, we haven’t made any stunning scientific discoveries – in fact, we haven’t even figured out how to keep the hornets from building nests under the eaves yet!

We’re only 3 of the 7,060,474,776 people that you share the planet with (as of 2013). That’s not a huge fraction of the population, I have to admit, but we do hope that the world is somehow better because of how God is working in and through us.

And with that statement you get your first glimpse of who we are – people who believe not only that God created the world, but that He is still at work within it; that even after mankind rebelled against Him and deserved the punishment of death, He sent His Son, Jesus, to die instead of us so that we could be freed from sin and have life in Him.

We’re also Americans, and conservative ones at that. Yep, the kind of people that believe in less government and more personal responsibility, the kind that get warm, fuzzy feelings when they think about things like Switzerland’s gun laws, Sheriff Arpaio’s tent prison, or the original intent of the Constitution.

I mentioned that there are 3 of us – Ben is the husband and father; I, Lora, am the wife and mother; Jessica is the daughter. On most days, Ben works outside the home, I work in the home, and Jessica would rather not work at all. She is, nevertheless, required to accomplish a certain amount of study and a number of household chores.

And then there are the pets! Sadly, we’re allergic to furry creatures; otherwise, we would have had a house full of cats by now. I’m glad, though, that we discovered what fun exotics can be. Over the years we have had an assortment of lizards and snakes, the most notable of which is perhaps the uromastyx who house trained herself.

We’re a bit unique, but also a bit like everyone else: we laugh and cry and stumble into crazy adventures and have mundane days and misunderstand each other and discover new-to-us things and enjoy beautiful weather and look forward to being with friends.

So if you want to hang around here for awhile, feel free. You probably have a better idea now of what to expect from us. We hope that you will find something to enjoy, something to laugh at, something to learn, something to think about, and most of all something that God will use in your life for His glory and your good.