Google Translate Fail

Ben and I were chatting online with a friend a few days ago. When we parted, the friend sent several farewell messages, such as “ciao” and “ttyl.” One of the phrases that he used was one that we weren’t familiar with: “Grus Got.”

We decided that it was probably German, and headed over to Google Translate to find out what it meant. We typed the phrase directly into the translation box, leaving the program to figure out what language it was and tell us the English equivalent.

Google Translate informed us that it was Irish.

The program also decided that it meant, “Got Grus?”

The next logical step, which we managed to perform while shaking with uncontrollable laughter, was to type “define: grus” into the Google search bar. Google promptly enlightened us of several interesting possibilities for what exactly our friend was asking us if we had. Here is the one we decided was most likely:


Got Grus


Thankfully, Google Translate did a better job once we gave it the hint that the phrase might be German. So then we had options: either our friend was trying to ask us in Irish if we had a particular species of bird, or he was trying to say “God bless you!” in German.

I know which one I’m voting for…

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