Hamster Ball + Glow Sticks = Fun

Hamster Glow Ball

My daughter loves playing with glow sticks, and I am constantly challenged to think of new things to do with them. The one I came up with last night involved 2 glow sticks, activated and placed inside a medium-sized, clear hamster ball.

Rolling the ball back and forth in the dark produced a fascinating array of light patterns, especially with variable amounts of spinning added. A few of my favorites looked like Saturn’s rings, a vase, or one of those spiraling fireworks. Since the glow sticks are free to move around inside the ball, the pattern can change depending on where they are at the moment.

I’m sure that this idea could be used to invent many family games. Enjoy! (Just keep in mind, please, that it would NOT be an appropriate activity for any child who lacks the maturity to realize and respect that a hamster ball with a hamster in it is NOT a toy!)

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