Missions Trip Day 10: A Day of Rest

While dreaming of people and places in Ocala, I suddenly awoke and was startled to find myself in a cabin on the side of a mountain in the “Dominican Alps.” My initial disorientation and anxiety gradually abated as I spent the early morning hours praying, thinking, and talking with Ben about different things.

153 Constanza View Windows

Good morning, Constanza!

Donna had left the remainder of her bag of apples with the Duncans, so we ate fruit this morning with our French toast. Afterwards, Celia and I moved the laundry from the inside balcony to the outside balcony, where both the clothes and I began to rapidly assume an improved state of being under the penetrating influence of the hot sun and the crisp, cool air.

164 Cabin Laundry

Downstairs, upstairs, and laundry.

163 Cabin Living Room

Living room and kitchen entrance.

162 Cabin Exploring

Dining room.

160 Cabin Jessica

I loved that every outer wall included huge doors and windows! We opened them up every day to let the light and the air stream through the inside of the cabin.

165 Jessica Puppy

New friend.

A small dog and three puppies joined us on the porch. Apparently they had parasites – one of them stumbled on malnourished, deformed limbs to carry his swollen belly from person to person, enthusiastically greeting each one as only a young dog can. I was saddened and sorry that we couldn’t do anything to help them.

We spent most of this lovely, restful day basking in the sun, eating, wandering in the yard, basking some more, taking pictures, dozing in the fresh air, bringing in the laundry as it dried, basking again…

We reveled in the scenery as much as in the climate. Our location in the Cordillera Central mountain range lay only about 20 miles from Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean islands at over 10,000 feet. The view reminded our family of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains that Ben grew up near.

154 Constanza View 1

View from the front of the cabin. In the lower right, you can see one of the more level stretches of the driveway.

156 Constanza View 3

Overlooking the porch roof from our bedroom window.

157 Constanza View 4

A closer view of Constanza and the mountains beyond.

158 Constanza View 6

Looking left from the front of the cabin.

159 Constanza View 4

A closer look to the right.

161 Mountaintop House

Behind the cabin, I discovered this house perched precariously atop an even higher mountain than the one we were on. How on earth does anybody make it all the way up there?!

After a lunch of beans, rice, and chicken, I started putting together a jigsaw puzzle that we had found in a cabinet in the dining room. I was surprised when Arianna helped me a little bit, but Jessica didn’t. Later, we sampled a delicious new flavor of Lay’s chips: queso blanco. Unfortunately, they seem to be available only in the D.R. – even Amazon doesn’t carry them!

In the afternoon, Jared, Ben, and Jessica hiked to the top of a nearby hill and back.

168 Climbing Hill

A view from the top floor of the cabin. Jared, Ben, and Jessica hiked to the top of the middle hill, behind the light-brown one.

171 Climbing Hill 3

Here they are working their way up the first part.

172 Climbing Hill 4

All the way at the top! See the colored specks above the row of trees?

175 Climbing Hill 7

Let’s zoom in – yep, there they are!

As the three explorers made their way back and the rest of us waited for them out front, the evening clouds directed the setting sun to spin a rippling gossamer of pure light over the valley below.

181 Sunrays 3

What a blessing of beauty…

183 Constanza Sunset 2

… which continued as the sun set.

Dinner consisted of spaghetti with meat sauce and chunks of queso blanco cheese, followed by coconut candy and homemade chocolate chip cookies. After the smaller girls went to bed, we stayed up for awhile playing a game similar to Taboo that Ben has on his smartphone. Then we settled in for the night, looking forward to doing the same lovely lot of nothing all over again tomorrow.

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2 comments on “Missions Trip Day 10: A Day of Rest
  1. Wendy says:

    I agree with Rob. Lora, your writing and these photos are refreshing to the soul as well as informing to the mind.

  2. Rob Casey says:

    So very cool! Loved these shots! You are a natural photographer! Inspiring descriptions. Now I want to go…

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