Objections Overruled

I suspect that many people have a hard time grasping the concept that God loves them. In a world dominated by sin, very few receive genuine love from others, even from those closest to them. In the American culture, where objects and activities are valued more than people, and where we are taught to “look out for number one,” there are a lot of lonely, love-starved individuals. Even in the church, the love of God can be sadly missing.

Not only is there a lack of examples of God’s love from others, there is also a lack of God’s love within us. By nature, we are proud, selfish, stubborn, impatient, jealous, and suspicious – everything that love is not.

If that were not daunting enough, there is also the fact that people grasping God’s love, rejoicing in it, delighting in it, and abiding in it is something that Satan is vehemently opposed to. He lied to Adam and Eve about God’s love, and those lies are still around today. I have struggled with those lies for most of my life. Any time that I tried to contemplate God’s wonderful love for me, a multitude of objections in the form of vague thoughts and overwhelming feelings would come rushing in to demand that I give up the idea.

Not so today! The truth of God’s Word has finally permeated my mind to the point where the vague insinuations and accusations have been driven out into the light and clearly overruled. Here, then, for your possible edification, is the contest:

“Maybe there is no God.”
Creation – it’s obvious there is a God!

“God is so different, so unlike a human being, that He would seem like a horrible monster; no relationship is possible.”
Men were made in His image. Jesus said, “If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father.”

“God doesn’t want a relationship with you!”
God sent Paul to plead with people that they would be reconciled – made friends again – with Him.

“You just want to think that God loves you. There’s no reason to think that.”
God declares His love for people over and over again in His Word and His actions.

“Maybe the Bible isn’t true. It doesn’t matter then what it says about God’s love.”
His Word has been proven true over and over again.

“God says He loves people, but just to make Himself look good. It’s not really true.”
God is holy and without sin; He does not boast or lie.

“God’s idea of love is different, maybe even awful; it’s not what you want.”
God knows everything better that we do; He knows what love is and describes it in I Corinthians.

“Love isn’t important; it’s an unnecessary luxury.”
God is most important; God is love; Therefore, love must be important.

“You should be able to live just fine without it.”
God commanded us to love each other.

“You’re just being selfish to want God’s love! He’s forgiven your sins, and you didn’t even deserve that, how dare you want more??”
God wants us to know and abide in His love!

(It’s no contest, really; every objection has been overruled with truth, by the Truth… GOD LOVES ME!)

(And you!)

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