Our Pets

reptilesThe wild side of the Klein household…

Yes, I know; most people have dogs or cats. Maybe a bird or a fish. But reptiles? Really?!


It all started, actually, with a cat. She was our very first pet as a married couple, a plump feline named Nisha that we picked up in response to a “free to good home” advertisement. She spent her first week with us cautiously exploring our home, warming up to us, and seeing what she could get away with (I still have a blurry snapshot of her sitting behind the toaster oven on the kitchen counter.) Her primary activity during that week, however, unbeknownst to her, was causing allergic reactions.

Dripping, itching, twitching, scratching, coughing, hacking, this-isn’t-going-to-work allergic reactions. We returned Nisha to her previous owners, and I cried.

Our suspicion about possibly being incompatible with furry creatures had been confirmed, but I was far from ready to give up the hope of having animals in my life!

Our adventure with owning exotics was about to begin…